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  • Yk Swing Granulator/Organic Fertilizer Granulator/Price for Granulator
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Organic fertilizer production line is a kind of fertilizer production line, which is mainly process organic waste, animal manure into organic fertilizer which is good to the crops planting. There are many types of fertilizer machines in the production line.

1. Livestock and poultry feces: Such as chicken manure, cattle, sheep and horse manure, rabbit manure.

2. Industrial waster: Such as wine less, vinegar lees, cassava lees, sugar lees, furfural lees, etc

3. Urban sludge: Such as river silt, sewage sludge, etc.

4. Agriculture waste: Such as straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc.


1.Vegetables, tea, flowers and other crops: broadcast distribution the fertilizer before sowing seeds or transplanting, ,1300-1500 kg/acre.. (33-38packs)
2.The rootstock and melon crops: broadcast distribution the fertilizer 3 days before sowing seeds or transplanting, 1200-1500 kg/acre. (32-38packs)
3.Fruit trees: broadcast distribution the fertilizer around the trees 15-20 cm, 1-2 kg per tree.
4.Cane crops: broadcast the fertilizer in the cane groove when sowing seeds, and then cover the soil, 900-1200 kg/acre.. (23-30 packs)
5.According to the different soil and crop varieties, fertilizing amount should be adjusted appropriate, and considered additional fertilizer.

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